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Latest releases

(in the style of !!!)

Passenger Seat
(in the style of Stephen Speaks)

153.5, 2022, Acoustic, G, Male, Pop

The 30th
(in the style of Billie Eilish)

145, 2022, Acoustic, Alternative, Female, G, Numbers, Pop

(in the style of Billie Eilish)

140, 2022, Acoustic, Alternative, Em, Female, Pop, TV

(in the style of Central Cee)

140, 2022, G#m, Male, Rap

Easy Lover
(in the style of Ellie Goulding, Big Sean)

106, 2022, Disco, Femle, Gm, Male, Pop, Rap

don't come back
(in the style of Tate McRae)

176, 2022, A#m, Female, Pop

Smile Bomb ('Yu Yu Hakusho' Opening Theme)
(in the style of TV Theme)

129, 1992, Anime, Cartoon, Cm, Female, Theme, TV

175, 2011, Anime, Cartoon, Eb, Female, Theme, TV

121, 1995, Abm, Anime, Cartoon, Male, Theme, TV

1994, 97, Anime, Bb, Cartoon, Female, Theme, TV

160, 1995, Anime, Cartoon, D, Male, Theme, TV

173, 1999, Anime, Cartoon, E, Theme, TV

129, 1997, Anime, Cartoon, Dm/D#m, Female, Theme, TV

121, 1995, Anime, Cartoon, Female, Fm, Theme, TV

CardCaptors (Opening Theme)
(in the style of TV Theme)

160, 2000, Anime, Cartoon, Gm, Male, Theme, TV

Chances Are
(in the style of Johnny Mathis)

1957, Bb, Fifties, Male, Oldies, Pop, Var

(in the style of Peggy Lee)

135.6, 1958, Female, Fifties, Jazz, Oldies, Pop, Swing, Var

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)
(in the style of Doris Day)

1956, 88.8, A, Female, Fifties, Oldies, Pop

Yakety Yak
(in the style of The Coasters)

1958, Fifties, G, Male, Oldies, Pop, Rock & Roll, Var

*Disclaimer: The name of the original artist is shown for reference only. Songs listed are cover version sound recordings and are not performed by the original artist.