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Latest releases

Like That
(in the style of Future, Metro Boomin, Kendrick Lamar)

, 2024, 81, C#m, Male, Rap

Heaven Or Not
(in the style of Diplo, Kareem Lomax)

125, 2024, C, Dance, Electronic, House, Male, Pop

Comes Once In A Lifetime
(in the style of Tony Bennett)

1968, Bb, Crooner, Jazz, Male, Swing, Var

Split Screen
(in the style of Kings Of Leon)

113, 2024, Bb, Indie, Male, Rock

Next Semester
(in the style of Twenty One Pilots)

, 2024, Male, Rock

(in the style of Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus)

137.88, 2024, Country, Db, Duet, Female, Pop

(in the style of Camilla Cabello, Playboi Carti)

151, 2024, Electronic, F, Female, Male Dance, Pop, Rap

Outside Of Love
(in the style of Becky Hill)

126, 2024, Dance, Electronic, Female, G, Pop

the boy is mine
(in the style of Ariana Grande)

2024, 98, Bb, Female, Pop, SOUL

Walk Like This
(in the style of FLO)

2024, 98.5, Female, G#m, Pop, SOUL

(in the style of Tyla)

116, 2024, Female, Fm, Pop, SOUL

Deeper Well
(in the style of Kacey Musgraves)

111, 2024, C, Female, Folk, Pop

Too Sweet
(in the style of Hozier)

117, 2024, Blues, Gm, Male, Rock

Slow It Down
(in the style of Benson Boone)

2024, G#, Male, Pop, Var

(in the style of Olivia Rodrigo)

120, 2024, Female, Fm, Pop

In Your Hands
(in the style of Halle)

113, 2024, Em, Female, Pop, SOUL

Tu Sangre En Mi Cuerpo
(in the style of Angela Aguilar, Pepe Aguilar)

126, 2018, D, Duet, Female, Latin, Male, Pop

Sentada Aqui En Mi Alma
(in the style of Chayanne)

170, 2003, D#, Latin, Male, Pop

Raindrops (An Angel Cried)
(in the style of Ariana Grande)

2018, F#, Female, Pop, Var

Throw Out The Lifeline
(in the style of Ella Fitzgerald)

1967, Blues, Female, Jazz, Var

*Disclaimer: The name of the original artist is shown for reference only. Songs listed are cover version sound recordings and are not performed by the original artist.