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Latest releases

Made You Look
(in the style of Meghan Trainor)

145, 2022, Bb, Female, Pop, SOUL, Swing

Music for a Sushi Restaurant
(in the style of Harry Styles)

107, 2022, F#, Food, Male, Pop

Bad Habit
(in the style of Steve Lacy)

145, 2022, Alternative, G#, Male

Lift Me Up
(in the style of Rihanna)

2022, 89, A, Ballad, Female, Movies

Face It Alone
(in the style of Queen)

144, 1989/2022, Em, Male, Rock

(in the style of Taylor Swift)

2022, 96.94, 97, E, Female, Pop

All By Myself
(in the style of Alok, Sigala, Ellie Goulding)

, 123, 2022, Dance, Eb, Female, House, Pop

Car's Outside
(in the style of James Arthur)

150, 2022, A, Male, Pop

tired of california
(in the style of Nessa Barrett)

2022, 92, Bm, Female, Pop, Rock

(in the style of blink-182)

144, 2022, C, Male, PUNK, Rock

(in the style of Lil Yachty)

150, 2022, Gm, Male, Rap

I Just Want a Lover (Synthwave Version)
(in the style of Noah Cyrus)

120, 2022, Dm, Female, Pop, Synthwave

feel like shit (Synthwave Version)
(in the style of Tate McRae)

145, 2021, Female, G, Pop

Carolina (Synthwave Version)
(in the style of Taylor Swift)

116, 2022, Bm, Country, Female, Folk, Movies, Synthwave

It's Only Love, Nobody Dies (Synthwave Version)
(in the style of Sofia Carson)

101, 2022, C#, Female, Love, Pop

SNAP (Synthwave Version)
(in the style of Rosa Linn)

2022, 85, C, Female, Pop

she's all i wanna be (Synthwave Version)
(in the style of Tate McRae)

2022, 80, Dm, Female, Pop

die first (Synthwave Version)
(in the style of Nessa Barret)

2022, 92, B, Female, Pop, Synthwave

don't come back (Synthwave Version)
(in the style of Tate McRae)

2022, 88, A#m, Female, Pop, Synthwave

Narcissist (Synthwave Version)
(in the style of Lauren Spencer Smith)

114, 2022, Ab, Female, Pop, Synthwave

*Disclaimer: The name of the original artist is shown for reference only. Songs listed are cover version sound recordings and are not performed by the original artist.